The 5 Best Corporate Event Examples We Could Find

When it comes to corporate events, there are so many aspects to consider. You not only have to consider the entertainment, high-quality food and superb location but you also have to make sure every aspect works together to create one fantastic event.

If you want your event to be memorable and talked about for all the right reasons, then you need to make your event unique and give it the wow factor. To help inspire you, here are some of the best corporate event examples that we could find.

Our five best corporate event examples

1. A carnival

If your corporate event will be used to celebrate an achievement or provide fun for your guests, then what better way than having all the fun of the fair? A carnival theme can allow you to go to town on theming, while still being relatively cost-effective, with a few simple stripy tents. You can have a range of carnival games such as ring toss, hook-a-duck and the coconut shy. Include tasty carnival snacks such as candyfloss and popcorn.

The benefit of this type of corporate event is that it gives you the chance to scale it for your needs, a small carnival theme could be set up at your premises while a larger event could be hosted in the grounds of an event location.

To thank the people that post reviews on Google Maps, Google hosted a carnival for their Google City Experts and it certainly impressed everyone that was lucky enough to be invited.

2. Comfortable conferences

If your next corporate event is a conference or lecture, then you can still give your event the wow factor, even if it is not considered the most exciting event of the year. Make your event exciting by holding interactive exhibits and small showcase booths to browse. You may also enlist the help of a celebrity as a speaker or performer to draw a crowd which is what Target Corporation do for their employee meetings.

Another excellent idea for your next conference is to transform the conference theatre. For example, a TEDx talk took out the uncomfortable chairs and replaced the seating with bean bags. For events where there will be long speeches, your guests will definitely appreciate feeling comfortable and relaxed. Add in some great food and drink choices, perhaps even waiting staff service for the event and you will definitely have people returning year on year.

3. Jump on the bandwagon

If there is a huge pop culture trend, do not be afraid to use it as a theme to astound your guests. Talked about TV shows, iconic movies or a particular sporting event can all be excellent themes on which to base your event. For example, American TV network HBO threw a huge corporate event for their staff celebrating one of the network’s biggest TV shows, Game of Thrones.

During HBO’s Game of Thrones inspired event, guests could seat on the famous Iron Throne and there were plenty of photo opportunities for guests to become their favourite characters and travel to the many locations without leaving the room. When choosing your theme, try to tie in food, activities and themes to make the whole event come together cohesively.

4. Make it a competition

All people love a chance to win some fantastic prizes. By transforming your corporate event into a game, you have the opportunity to attract a substantial crowd. The competition can be based on almost anything but it is essential to make it relevant to your company and your event.

For example, sports brand Puma held a cycling competition as part of one of their marketing campaigns. Guests of the event simply had to cycle on an exercise bike for two-hours to receive brand new sports equipment, clothing and trainers. For those who wanted to take the event more seriously, there was a cycling competition where participants had the chance to win $25,000.

While your competition does not have to be as big and expensive, it can be an excellent way to get people excited about your event, it can also help with your social media campaign as people size up their competition and start to challenge their colleagues.

5. Get technological

Another way you can add excitement to your next event is through using innovations that people have yet to see or experience themselves. There is a range of technological corporate event ideas and you can draw experience from other businesses. For example, Adobe celebrated creativity with a 3D selfie creator. Samsung also utilised technology when they asked people to tweet their dreams and then they transformed these messages into projected art as an interactive installation.

To improve participation at your next corporate event, consider installing an interactive graffiti wall like the Unstoppable Confidence Summit where the guests could write inspirational messages for all to see.

Got a budding corporate event idea?

If these corporate event examples have inspired you, then Payal can help to transform your idea into reality. Offering event planning as well as luxury catering, we can help to transform your next corporate event into something amazing. Let us know your next event idea and find out how we can help by getting in touch.