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Quality of Event Catering – Some serious food for thought

So, just a few days ago I was eavesdropping on a conversation in the office when one of my colleagues asked another if she had enjoyed the Indian wedding at the weekend.

What I was expecting to hear was something along the lines of… “Well, the bride looked stunning”. Or maybe…“They couldn’t have asked for better weather”. Or perhaps, simply…”It was lovely. So much colour, so much laughter and so much joy”.

But no! Back came the reply…”The food was rubbish! They didn’t have this…they forgot to do that…and I was starving by the time we were eventually invited to eat”.

My initial reaction was that surely she could have started with some positives about what was obviously a very special day for the family involved.

Why The Quality of the Event Catering Makes Or Breaks The Event

But then I realised, people really do judge events by the standard of the food. And I’m not just talking weddings. Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, retirements, conferences…they all feature – and often revolve around – the food, particularly the catering for Indian Weddings.

Sometimes we get sidetracked into ploughing all our effort into decorating the venue. Sometimes it’s all about the entertainment. Or maybe we’ll fuss and fret about how people are going to get there, where they’re going to sit, where they’re going to stay, and can we rely on Uncle So-and-So not to embarrass us all.

But when it comes to the crunch, it’s the food that will make or break the event.

Quality of event cateringGet it wrong and the grumbles will last long after the event has finished. Get it right, and the buzz from table to table will be all about how wonderful everything looks and tastes, how it must have cost a fortune for such high end food (when actually part of the secret was in the brilliant presentation), and a determination to discover the caterers’ details for when their magic is required again.

So…moral of the story? Lots of things go into making an event a memorable success. But if there’s one thing you can never – ever – afford to get wrong, it’s the food.

Tell us your thoughts. What is it that makes an event truly special? Is it the quality of event catering? or the decor, the setting, the entertainment or something else for you? Leave your comments below.

Five Asian Wedding Traditions To Remember For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to Asian wedding traditions, it can be hard to know which customs are right for your wedding day. Each society and community will have its own customs, some of which will be perfect for your wedding day. On the other hand, some traditions will not suit you as a couple. To help you incorporate the right Asian wedding traditions for your big day, here are five of our favourite age-old Asian wedding customs.

Five of the best Asian wedding traditions for your wedding

  • Written in the stars

For many Asian cultures, choosing the date of your wedding is very important. If you want your marriage to be successful, you may wish to consult astrology or the spirits to find the best time for you to get married.

For example, for a Hindu wedding, the couple can visit a pandit who will use the stars to work out the best date for the wedding. In Vietnam, the bride and groom may visit a monk, fortune teller or spiritual leader to find the best wedding date for them.

  • Sangeet

If you want your wedding to run smoothly with no distractions, awkwardness or problems, you may want to hold a sangeet. A sangeet is considered a mini wedding reception, warm-up or rehearsal. It is a chance for both families to all come together and get to know one another before two families become one.

This is a great chance to celebrate, ensure both families get along and enjoy plenty of food and singing to put you at ease before the big day.

  • Early to rise

As the best day of your life so far, you’ll want to celebrate your wedding day for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to get married early. For example, a traditional Thai wedding will involve a wedding ceremony that takes place around 6 am. With this, nine monks are invited to bless the couple.

While you may not want a 6 am start, having the ceremony in the morning gives you plenty of opportunity to party and celebrate with your friends.

  • Mangal Phere

Circling the Sacred Fire is a crucial custom in many cultures and is one that can be incredibly symbolic and beautiful on your wedding day. With this, the bride and groom will walk around the fire several times. In some traditional Asian weddings, the bride and groom will complete four circles of the fire, in others, they may complete seven laps. Each loop will keep your aspirations in the forefront of your minds such as prosperity as well as your duty to yourselves, family and God.

In some traditions, the last lap will be a race between the newlyweds. The first to complete the lap and sit down will be claimed to be the ruler of the house.

  • Ravishing red

For the most prosperity, red is the most auspicious colour to include in your wedding day. Red is a popular choice in Indian weddings as well as for weddings in China. It is important to remember that India and China have many ethnic groups, the right colour for your wedding may alter slightly. However, red will usually symbolise love and loyalty, while gold will symbolise fortune and prosperity.

If you would like to find out more about how Payal can assist you with any of these traditional features then we would be delighted to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Six Stunning Asian Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day

The Asian wedding industry is known for its opulent show-stopping wedding cakes that are full of grandeur, and that mesmerise the audience. So much more than a cake, Asian wedding cakes are works of art, with a luxury and quality that you expect for your wedding day.

Elaborate Asian wedding cakes to take centre stage should taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Looking for something different for your big day? Here are six stunning Asian wedding cake ideas that offer surprise, elegance and style. With one of these cakes adorning the cake table, you can be sure to create the perfect cake cutting ceremony photograph and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Six stunning Asian wedding cake ideas

  • Cake-Pop Tiers

Do you have many guests to feed? Alternatively, perhaps you have so many ideas for wedding cake flavours that you do not know which one to choose? A cake-pop tiered-cake is the perfect way of having lots of different cake flavours that all come together to create a stunning tiered design. Similar to the French wedding classic, croquembouche, you can pile up bite-sized spheres of cake, held together in a stunning design.

Decorate each cake flavour differently, but in complementing colours so that guests know exactly which flavour they are choosing. We think honey and pistachio cake-pops work wonderfully with Gajar Halwa, carrot and cardamom.

  • Mehndi-Style Cake

Mehndi plays such a significant role in weddings and celebrations. With this in mind, you can continue the theme with your cake too. Decorating your cake with intricate mehndi designs helps to tie in the design across the wedding beautifully.

Mehndi designs also work wonderfully as the design changes depending on where you look at it. From far away the outline could be a creeping flower climbing up the tiers, at close proximity the design may transform into an intricate pattern of hearts.

The great benefit about mehndi style cakes as they can be subtle and glamorous or bold and colourful.

  • Rose Gold

Nothing shows glamour and style more than a metallic rose gold finish for your many-tiered wedding cake. You can add to the rose gold theme by having a rose and cardamom flavoured sponge, sandwiched together with soft, fluffy white chocolate buttercream.

While the cake can have as many tiers as you want, an elegant sweep of natural-looking sugar flowers trailing the cake will help to show its intricacy and artistic flair. To keep your cake in theme, make sure you tell the baker which flowers you will have at your wedding or will hold as a bouquet. This way, the sugar flowers can be crafted to match.

  • Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are a big trend for weddings. By stripping away the icing, you put the focus on the flavours and colours on the cake instead of masking its inner beauty. Naked cakes are ideal if you want to make your cakes pack a powerful flavour punch.

The beauty of a naked cake is that you get to let all the layers shine and create a beautiful colour palette that comes from natural flavours. We love multiple layer cakes feature coconut and cherry sponges which alternate deep pink and white layers. Pineapple and anise sponges sprinkled with pistachios and drizzled with passionfruit make for an ideal tropical wedding cake.

Just because the cake is not covered in icing, it does not mean it cannot be decorated. Piped meringue on top of the cake gives a light but stylish finish and a great crunch when you get around to cutting the cake with your beloved.

  • Hidden Room

Is there a specific place that holds a special place in your heart? If you and your partner have a special place or perhaps have fallen in love in the room where you will be married, why not transform your wedding cake to look like the room. Cutting away in the middle of the cake allows cake makers the space to create a stunning room inside the cake. Complete with flooring and the even chandelier light fittings, you can recreate a favourite place in an edible format.

It is a good idea to let the rest of the cake be classically styled with minimal detail to show the room off in all of its stunning glory.

  • Chocolate Sculpture

If a traditional wedding cake does not excite you, then perhaps a chocolate sculpture will. Chocolate sculpting is more durable meaning you can create your perfect design, from a birdcage to a waterfall scene, from a lotus flower to a cherry blossom tree; the possibilities are endless when it comes to chocolate sculpting.

Not only will it impress your guests, but it will be moreish too, by the end of your wedding day, there may not be any left!

If you would like to find out more about our Asian Wedding Cake Ideas and suppliers, then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and our team will be delighted to help.

The Best Asian Wedding Venues in Manchester, Liverpool & Across the North West

Are you looking for the perfect Asian Wedding Venue in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire or anywhere in the North West? Then this article could end your search.

Finding the perfect location is critical.

Your choice of wedding venue should not only be convenient for you and your family and loved ones but should be a place that sums you up as a couple. Your wedding venue should be a place that helps to bring your dream wedding to life and provides personality, as well as convenient touches.  To help you come up with a shortlist of your ideal wedding venues. Here is our ultimate list of Asian wedding venues in the North West.

Our Ultimate List of North West Asian wedding venues 


  1. Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa

Thornton Hall Hotel is well-known for its specialism in Asian weddings and has even been recognised at the Asian Wedding Awards. The hotel also offers a team of on-site Asian hair and make-up specialists. Accommodating up to 500 guests with 62 bedrooms, Thornton Hall is set in beautiful gardens complete with a lakeside arbour. With a willingness to adapt, you can bring your own wow factor to the venue.

2. Thornton Manor

Thornton Manor offers four wedding venues all with their own unique qualities. There is potential for holding up to 1,000 guests, and the high ceilings make it perfect for traditional Asian wedding theming and decoration. With an understanding of Asian weddings, you can be sure that Thornton Manor can cater to your needs.

3. Knowsley Estate

Winner of Brides North West Wedding Awards for four consecutive years, you know you are receiving the best at Knowsley Hall. The Stucco Ballroom can seat 132 guests, and its gold leaf splendour adds a majestic touch to any wedding day. With flexible pricing and a helpful team, you and your wedding party will feel welcome.

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  1. Old Trafford

Considered the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, Old Trafford is not only a perfect wedding location for football fans but those who want a wedding on a grand scale. With three wedding suites, the largest has the capacity for 820 guests. With a team of wedding co-ordinators at your disposal, you can be sure to craft the perfect Asian wedding day.

2. Renaissance Manchester

Set in the heart of the city, The Renaissance Manchester has a capacity for 320 guests and conveniently has 82 parking spaces on site. With a recent renovation, the Renaissance is a sophisticated wedding location with style and class and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

3. The Principal Manchester

The Principal certainly gives a fresh approach to wedding venues with sparkling chandeliers, and Victorian charm brought up to date with a few modern touches. The venue has the capacity for 1,000 guests, and a wedding coordinator is on hand to make sure every detail is perfect.

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Other North West Asian Wedding Locations

  1. DW Stadium, Wigan

For a spectacular wedding, the DW Stadium is a real stand-out venue. With intimate lounges for small guest numbers or, alternatively, the marquee which holds up to 400 guests, there is a range of options to suit your needs. Parking is a major plus for wedding guests, while your event manager will ensure your wedding day goes without a hitch.

2. Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield

The extensive grounds of Capesthorne are the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. The gardens are perfect for a summer wedding with capacity for 700 guests. The venue is also experienced in Muslim, Hindu and Sikh wedding ceremonies. They not only understand but can easily cater to your needs.

3. Wrenbury Hall, Nantwich

The fact that Wrenbury Hall is still a family home offers a relaxed and friendly charm which is perfect for an intimate wedding. With extensive grounds, Wrenbury Hall will be exclusively yours for your wedding day. The space is flexible to use as you wish and is ideal for all manner of cultural weddings so you can have the freedom to a design a day that is truly magical.

4. Craxton Wood, Chester

Craxton Wood offers 27 acres of beautiful secluded gardens and woodland to create fairytale wedding photographs. There is a range of function rooms, some which lead out on to the gardens, maximising the space and making your wedding feel light and airy. A beautiful location with a range of amenities to ensure your wedding is unforgettable and all guest’s needs are catered for.

5. Holford Estate, Knutsford

With the Holford Barn and Holford Gardens, there is a perfect place for every couple to tie the knot. The grounds are idyllic, and the event venue is versatile so that you can plan your perfect wedding with the ideal backdrop. With contemporary and traditional touches there is something to suit everyone.

Find out more about our wide range of stunning Asian Wedding Venues in the North West, the rest of the UK and our international venues as well.

Indian Catering: 5 Signs You Are Getting A Quality Service

Choosing the right Indian catering company for your event is essential. In fact, the food can make or break an event. High-quality dishes can help to rescue a situation, and exceptional catering can become a talking point for a great event. When deciding on a caterer you want to be sure that you are getting a quality service, but what makes a caterer right for your event?

With Indian catering, you want to be sure of an excellent, reliable service and delicious food which your guests will devour. Look out for these five top signs of a quality Indian catering service to help you to make the right decision and make your event memorable.

Five top signs you’re getting a great Indian catering experience

  1. Tastings

When planning an event, you want peace of mind in all areas. One of the best ways to feel reassured by a caterer is by sampling the menu beforehand. When discussing your menu requirements, your caterer should be able to offer tastings. It is especially important to test the meal options if you are undecided on which items to go for. By testing some of the dishes, you can work out the ideal pairings to make your menu selection easier.

Menu tastings are an excellent way to determine a quality Indian caterer. They not only allow you to taste the quality of the food and their cooking prowess, but it will also give you an idea of presentation. As we eat with our eyes first, beautiful presentation is vital and will send your event to the next level.


Rupa Viras – the signature South Indian

  1. Knowledge of ingredients

Quality ingredients are essential for delicious meals. One of the best ways to determine a high-quality caterer is by their knowledge and enthusiasm for ingredients. Many top caterers will focus their menus on locally-sourced produce to ensure that they have the freshest ingredients which make a great dish.

Whether you are looking for authentic and traditional cuisines to modern contemporary flavour fusions, the quality of the ingredients will be essential for the flavour and style. Ask your caterer about their suppliers and where they source ingredients from to help you to determine their quality and commitment to providing delicious cuisine.

  1. Attentiveness

Your event is important to you. A quality caterer will make sure that your event is important to them too. When choosing a caterer, look for the ones who take a specific interest in your needs and work with you to offer advice. A caterer should help you to create the best event possible with their dishes. During initial enquiries, a caterer should be responsive and helpful to you. While its expected a caterer will be busy, you should be able to communicate and arrange a suitable meeting time to discuss your requirements.

During a meeting with a caterer, look out for a caterer that actively asks questions. Their interest in your event and wanting to know all of the details is a sign they want to tailor their caterer to meet your needs. These will be the caterers who will strive to deliver top-quality service and be adaptable to your wishes.

Mirch Masala

Mirch Masala

  1. Understanding of your event

Some caterers will specialise in certain event types, which means they might not be the right choice for your event. Most caterers will explain what they specialise in, and trusted caterers will tell you what events they are best suited to and whether your event is right for them.

While a caterer should be flexible and adaptable to your needs, they are all built for different markets and service needs. Make sure that the caterer fully understands your style as much as you understand theirs for the perfect fit.

  1. Detailed contract

A good caterer will be completely transparent with their service offering so that you know exactly what you receive. The contract should include every detail of service, beverages, food and additional services they may offer.

For a high-purchase contract for big events, it is important you fully know your rights, particularly in the event of non-delivery or poor quality. A sign of a quality service will be a caterer that is not cheap, but one that provides the best value. It will be these caterers who will strive to meet your expectations and ensure you are completely happy with the contract. Clear terms and a commitment to providing you with the service you have paid for is a sign of a quality caterer that will give you peace of mind before a big event.

Find out more about our Luxury Catering Services – or if you would like to enquire about our Indian Catering services then feel free to contact us – or call now on 0203 150 2520 / 0161 902 0010.

Guest’s WOW’d at the Natural History Museum!

Along with our sister company, Silverfox Events, we held a standing wedding reception at the Natural History Museum this weekend. Taking guests from the Drinks Reception in the breath-taking Earth Gallery into the World Famous Hintze Hall for the evening Wedding Reception featuring custom built food stalls accompanied with a decadent selection of our gourmet food, four bars and personalised decor.

Our first large event at the Natural History Museum since the re-launch in early September certainly turned heads, we are still receiving amazing feedback from the guests on the quality of food and service provided.

The Meeting

As the family’s preferred caterer we couldn’t wait to begin organising the most special day of their lives. We met with them in their central London home, allowing us to understand exactly what they want from the day. We set to work finding a suitable venue, amazing decor and most importantly creating a bespoke menu tailored specifically for our client.

The Planning

Taking the client to some of our favourite London venues, we settled on one of the most prestigious and well known, the Natural History Museum. Next, using our client’s brief, we arranged meetings with our hand-picked suppliers. After several meetings with artist impressions, scale drawings and expert advice the theme was set and the planning commenced. With flowers galore, lighting plans and entertainment schedules all created we were ready for the big day! Our Operations and Logistics Managers were then set to work, planning how to load in and out, ensuring all of the suppliers and staff are registered and adhering to the strict health & safety procedures at the venue. With one final suppliers meeting the day was upon us!

The Reception

With 2 hours on the clock, our suppliers along with our 230 staff members entered the Natural History Museum in a whirlwind of activity- laying tables, installing lighting rigs, arranging flowers, creating food stalls and bars and building a kitchen. Just as the last candle was lit and the final checks completed, our first guests arrived at The Earth Gallery and the service commenced. Canapés flowing, drinks circulating, guests mingling and the band playing, created a warm and relaxed ambience. Our management team meticulously briefed the staff on the food, the service and the clients expectations allowing us to deliver service standards surpassing our clients wishes.

Shortly after, our 300 guests move slowly through the mood-lit corridors into Hintze Hall. Gasps ensue, the client absolutely speechless at the grandeur of this national icon. With a 25 metre blue whale skeleton hanging above, 6 custom built food stalls, 4 beautifully crafted bars, and a variety of entertainment, including a live Bollywood singer, the party began with a bang and continued into the small hours.


Are you thinking of having a party, wedding or corporate event? Get in touch with our dedicated Events Team on 0203 150 2520 or 0161 902 0010

Ten Asian Wedding Food Ideas You Need To Steal

For the best day of your life, you want your guests to remember it as well as you do and for all the right reasons. As the saying goes; the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so your wedding needs to wow your guests with a sumptuous wedding breakfast, tantalising canapes and delicious desserts.

Your wedding catering needs to impress, but also express your personality, after all, it is your big day. So how do you make sure you offer something different that gets the guests talking and makes sure that everyone is satisfied?

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are ten of our best Asian wedding food ideas that are guaranteed to hit the mark.

  1. Prawn Roti Rolls

For a delicious appetiser that’s pretty and elegant, take a small roti, add a spiced king prawn complete with garnish in the middle. Roll the sides of the roti up and tie with a chive stem to keep the filling secure. These rolls easy to eat, complete with an impressive filling on display all wrapped up with a pretty edible bow.

  1. Rose and Cardamom Panna Cotta

This delicious Italian-style set cream meets Asian flavours by infusing rose, cardamom and paan into the cream. Depending on your colour scheme, or whether you want the rose or cardamom to take centre stage, you can colour the panna cotta accordingly. The colour options make this dessert stylish and on trend, and this unusual take on a classic dessert will get the compliments flowing.

  1. Samosa Vol au Vent

Taking the classic samosa filling, add it to filo pastry cups and top with spiced crispy mung beans, offering a pretty take on the classic canape with a variety of textures to tantalise the palate.

  1. Mango Kulfi Lollies

Easy to eat on the move, kulfi lollies are great for a sweet treat for the buffet table. The mango will give the lollies a warm sunset glow. To entertain the children at the wedding, offer a range of sprinkles to coat the ice lollies in. Sweeties, edible glitter and crushed pistachios are great to add a little creativity to the menu.

  1. Sharing Boards

Ideal for grazers and to tide people over before the main meal arrives, sharing boards can be stylishly presented on each table and provide a great talking point for guests to introduce themselves over. Choose from a range of crispy snacks, such as crispy chapati, bhakri, naan and poppadum and add a variety of dips such as raita, chatpata chana, tomato chutney and hot garlic pickle.

Asian Wedding Sharing Board

  1. ‘Something For Everyone’ Skewers

It can be hard to please every taste, so the ‘something for everyone’ skewers are perfect for people to be experimental but enjoy food within their limits. Load the skewers with chicken pieces marinated in a range of different spices such as butter chicken and tikka masala, have the pieces arranged in levels of heat and spiciness so people can eat up until their happy and leave the pieces that are too hot to handle. For vegetarians, try using deep-fried paneer coated in spice mixes.

  1. Asian halibut and coconut shrimp

For the main course that wows, try Asian-style halibut, with flavours of ginger, coconut and soy on a bed of bok choy and sesame green beans complete with a coconut shrimp that gives the dish a sophisticated and stylish finish.

  1. Sambar and Heart-Shaped Idli

For a south-Indian flavour, take the classic sambar and refine it into a broth for a starter. Full of flavour, this is a great first dish for a menu, providing you reduce the vegetables and focus on the soup rather than the stew. Serve with heart-shaped idlis coloured with beetroot for a romantic start to the wedding breakfast.

  1. Salmon Chana Cones

Ideal for canapes or the buffet table, these delightful bites are served in ice cream cones, making them easy to hold. The chana masala mixture is kept relatively dry to avoid seepage out of the cones and mixed with chunks of flaky salmon.

  1. Cocktails

To wash down your scrumptious wedding food, why not offer bespoke wedding cocktails? Lychee Bellini, Watermelon Margarita and Spiced Mango Mojitos are perfect for adding fun and fusion to the menu as well as colour to tables. Choose your colour theme and go from there.

Need more ideas?

If you’d like some more inspiration, more Asian wedding food ideas or are looking for a wedding caterer that will provide your big day with incredible food and contemporary menu options then get in touch with Payal for inspired gourmet catering to wow your guests.  You can also fill out the simple form below and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.


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