The Ultimate Corporate Event Ideas Revealed

Corporate events are notoriously difficult to get right.

It is challenging to find the right event that ticks all the requirements. It needs first to be fun and engaging. Furthermore, it needs to fit your branding and business requirements. Your corporate event may have to cater for guests and clients while you also have to bear in mind the budget and logistics. Finally, you want corporate events ideas that are unique and get people talking.

Feeling stuck? Read on, and we will reveal the ultimate corporate events ideas for you to take inspiration from.

The ultimate list of corporate event ideas

  • Escape Rooms

Do your team feel confined in an office all day?

It will be nothing compared to being confined to an escape room. Escape rooms are ideal for small teams who have a defined period of time (usually an hour) to escape the room. The escape rooms require a great deal of teamwork, and it can be enlightening to see how different minds approach different clues and tasks.

After the event, you’ll undoubtedly need a meal or drinks reception to talk over the challenge and how the team felt about it. Was there a leader? Did they shout over each other? Most importantly, did they escape on time?

Stunning corporate event ideas from Payal Events

  • Corporate cookery classes

There is no such thing as a free meal, and with a corporate cookery class, your team will have to prepare their own dishes. A corporate cookery class is an excellent way to stir up interest in cookery and do something completely different.

It can help those who are novices in the kitchen and please those who want to learn top tips from the experts. There are a range of different styles of corporate cookery classes from bake-offs to team efforts. You can also find classes for specific cuisines too which is perfect for a themed corporate event.

  • Murder mystery

A ‘whodunnit?’ is a wonderfully light-hearted corporate event idea. You can add to the experience by including prizes for the best and worst dressed as well as an ultimate prize for the best guesses. As the plot thickens, your team will either bond or accuse, and it is highly entertaining to watch. Murder mystery nights will often include a dinner too, and you and your team can often be written into the plot.

  • Coasteering

Coasteering is the ideal action-packed event for adrenaline junkies. Coasteering involves many elements from climbing to swimming, cliff jumping to scrambling. It is a fantastic way to experience the coastline in a brand-new way and incorporates both a challenge and the beauty of nature. Coasteering requires teamwork, encouragement and support which makes it ideal for corporate events.

As coasteering is hard work, make sure to organise a celebratory lunch afterwards to allow people to re-energise and recoup the calories they have burned off.

Award Winning Corporate Event Ideas from the Team at Payal Events

Corporate Event Ideas from the Award Winning Team at Payal Events

  • Luxury yacht

Do your team dream of the high life?

Make it a reality by chartering a yacht for the day for your corporate event. Your team can simply sit back and relax or take up the helm of the boat. Include caterers on board, and your team can enjoy a sumptuous meal while sailing in the peace and tranquillity of the ocean. If a luxury yacht is out of the budget, then many sailing companies will offer a dinner and boat trip combined activity.

Not great on water? Then head to the skies and opt for a stunning skyline location for drinks and dinner with a view.

  • Art classes

A great way to unleash the creativity of your team is to hold an art class. This type of corporate event is relaxed and gentle; it is ideal for those who do not look for the next adrenaline rush. The whole team can be set up with an easel and art materials. An art teacher can then be on hand to offer advice, encouragement and expert tips. Art can help people to unwind and de-stress; it is also very rewarding. Furthermore, the guests will be able to take their masterpiece home; it may even start a hobby.

If your team aren’t keen on creating art then why not have an evening at a gallery or exhibition as a corporate event idea. Complete the evening with canapes and drinks. You can even ask the curator or artist to share their knowledge. This can be a great option to build links in the local community. As a business, you can even host your own art exhibition and ask local artists to contribute.

If you would have been inspired by any of these corporate event ideas and would like to find out more, then feel free to contact us for more details.