Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse - Rotherham

Breathtaking Backdrop for Events & Weddings at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham.

Set within 87 acres of gardens and parkland, Wentworth Woodhouse offers a breathtaking backdrop and stunning locations for large scale events, spectacular weddings, intimate private functions and corporate gatherings.

With its fabulous vistas, it features scenic outdoor spaces ideally suited to teepees or marquees. And inside…some of the country’s most awe-inspiring staterooms in one of Britain’s greatest stately homes.

Proudly located in Rotherham, Wentworth has welcomed many members of royalty throughout its history, but today represents one of the most inspiring destinations for a truly memorable occasion.

The venues

Although the magnificent grounds and staterooms are perfect for events on any scale, Wentworth is particularly popular for weddings, thanks in part to all the staterooms – and many other bespoke areas – being licensed for civil ceremonies.

At its heart is the magnificent Marble Saloon, a 60ft square work of art, the entrance for royalty and stage for the house’s most extravagant balls. The room features 18 iconic fluted pillars, a unique marble floor, walls featuring reliefs designed by James Stuart, and ceilings crafted by Jonathan & Joseph Rose.

Leading off the Marble Saloon are several exquisite staterooms including…

• Whistlejacket – a truly regal white and gold room, which can host up to 150 people within its gilded walls.

• The Van Dyke Stateroom with its a glistening Waterford crystal chandelier.

• The State Dining Room, featuring beautiful peppermint and white walls with amazing views of the East Front vista.

• The Long Gallery with a beautiful view of the west gardens and a feature window through which guests can enter the gardens.

For details of these and other suites, rooms and locations, plus information on room capacities, visit the Wentworth Woodhouse website.

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